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Our vision was to put branding recognition back on the table for small businesses. Smaller businesses are usually forced to hire out these many marketing services amongst several niche professionals that never interact and are not accountable to each other.

Our process is based in our fundamental belief that form can follow function, without sacrificing beauty. Bootstrap believes that client involvement is important to the creative process. We begin by interviewing the client to discover the strengths of their company or project, their target audience, and their personal preferences. It is our job to successfully represent this identity and communicate and connect the appropriate aesthetic to potential customers or audiences.

In addition to visual representation, Bootstrap strives to organize content for functional and efficient viewing. Logos, text, photography, and supplementary branding can be altered in an infinite number of ways to create an impression on the viewer. Clients know their business better than anyone, and we believe in educating our clients on the psychology of marketing and the rules of art design so that the client is empowered to make smart choices for their own success.

With this knowledge and infrastructure, clients then are able to correctly use and implement the tools we have created for them. Once our work is finished, we create custom branding style guides, as well as guides for image filetype use & social media use, to allow business owners to continue these marketing strategies on their own.



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Earn discounts for a variety of things such as prompt payment, retainer status, and completing Bootstrap education.

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Owners Rick and Al Schad have extensive fine art training, which they bring into the commercial art world - a pairing that combines modern concepts such as design psychology and technological aptitude with classical understandings of color and informative design. Their marriage of skills allows them to provide clients with a broad range of services that otherwise only a costly marketing team can replicate, but with faster turn around rates and a more personal interaction.

Our passion for our job extends past helping your business succeed. We become a part of it, which allows us to experience life through our clients' own passions and goals.

Your business becomes our business for the time we work together.

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